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    LarryDavid iscurrentlypreparingtostarinFishintheDark onBroadway,forcinghimtoinhabitahotelduringhiscommitment.Luckilyhe’snotcomplaining.AccordingtothisclipfromTheLateShow,Davidislovingthehotellife.It’sbasicallyallhecouldtalkaboutwithDavidLetterman,praisingthefineartofhotelsex.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.20.27 PMandrewuproxxScreen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.20.27 PMandrewuproxx

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    WhenFXXtookoverthesyndicationrightsofTheSimpsons lastyear,oneofthestipulationswereolderepisodeswithlongerrun-timesweregoingtobeeditedtothemodernstandardof22minutesinordertofitinthenownormal8minutesofadvertisingfoundwithinhalf-hourprogramming.Noteverynetworkissokeenontrimmingwholescenestomakerun-timesworkforoldershows,butthatdoesn’tmeanthey’reimmunetotricksoftheirown.


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    LarryDavid hasmadeacareeroutofbeinganawkwardsourpussofahumanbeing,andthisiswhywelovehim.Inthispreview foraninterviewthisSundayon60Minutes,DavidtellsCharlieRoseabouthowhestilldoesn’thavetheconfidencetotalktowomendespiteallofhissuccess.You’dthinkplayinganinsecuretypealltheseyearswouldbeahugeconfidencebooster,butthenagain,there’snotellingwhatislogicalornotnowthatweliveinaworldwith#TheDress andwithoutLeonardNimoy.


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    OnSunday night, 60Minutes aireditsLarryDavid interviewwetoldyouaboutlastweek,anditdidnotdisappoint.LarryDavidwasLarryDavid,theexceedinglylovable,brutallyhonestcurmudgeonwhomadenobonesaboutthefactthathe’dprobablypreferdoingamillionotherthingsthanbeingaskedquestionsabouthislifebyCharlieRose.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.48.28 AMbrettuproxxScreen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.48.28 AMbrettuproxx

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    Justlikeoneofthenarrativesthatplayedouton hishitHBOshow, CurbYourEnthusiasm,LarryDavid ishavingsomeproblemsonBroadway(thistime,ithaslesstodowithDavidSchwimmer).TheNewYorkTimesrecentlyreviewedFishintheDark,whichDavidwroteandstarsin,andtheyhadlessthanglowingsentimentsconcerningtheflaccidityofhis work.

    larry daviddariel4612larry davidlarry daviddariel4612larry david

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    TheLarryDavid weknowandlovetodaywasthesameLarryDavidthirtyyearsago.Thisisn’tastoryofsomeonegettingmoreneuroticwithageorturningintoadifferentpersonaftermakingalotofmoney.AccordingtoMarilynBlack,David’sCurbYourEnthusiasm costar andthefirstpersontoever(tryto)managehim,thecreatorof Seinfeld hasalwaysbeenthisway.

    Image (1) young-larry-david.jpg for post 173515thefrevelereveillelarry david breadImage (1) young-larry-david.jpg for post 173515thefrevelereveillelarry david bread

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    ELAINE HAPPYjoshuproxxELAINE HAPPYhappy-dance-ELAINE HAPPYjoshuproxxELAINE HAPPYhappy-dance-

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    Fornineyears,Seinfeld setthestandardinTVcomedy,earningravesfromcriticsandfanswhileleavingalegacythat’sstillbeingchasedbyallcomers.Withthatsaid, Seinfeldwasn’tperfect,andtheshowsufferedahugelosswhenLarryDavidresignedastheshowrunnerafteritsseventhseason,leadingtoitsmostimperfectperiodasJerrySeinfeldtookfullcreativecontroloftheshow.

    seinfeld glassesjohnnysugarseinfeld glassesthanksgiving-kramer-turkeyseinfeld glassesjohnnysugarseinfeld glassesthanksgiving-kramer-turkey

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    Asyou’venodoubtheard,MadMen‘sgloriousruncomestoacloseonSundaynight,andDavidLettermanwillretirefromlatenight after33genre-alteringyearsnextweek.Springmaybespringingandburstingwithnewlife,butthosefast-approachingexitsandtheglutofseasonfinalescanturnaTVobsessive’smindtoendings…thegood,thegreat,thenotsomuch,andtheterrible.


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    UPDATE: Jason Alexander Regrets What He Said About The Actress Who Played Susan On ‘Seinfeld’ Seinfeld is one of the few, if not only series in the history of television that has successfully managed to kill off a long-running character as a punchline. You have to admit, it was a bold decision to kill  Susan, George Costanza’s on again-off again girlfriend, temporary lesbian and eventual fiancee; but it worked given that Susan Biddle Ross was that unlikable of a character, even amongst a bunch of terrible people.


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    The Internet exploded in early June when Seinfeld ‘s Jason Alexander told Howard Stern the story  behind the sudden death of  Susan Biddle Ross (Heidi Swedberg), his character’s fiancée. According to Alexander, who subsequently apologized , Swedberg was difficult to work with and many in the cast didn’t necessarily get along with her between takes. Swedberg hasn’t said anything about the story yet, but onetime  Seinfeld actress Ali Wentworth — who played Jerry Seinfeld’s PDA-prone girlfriend Sheila in the fan-favorite “Soup Nazi” episode — discussed the matter with THR : “I read a little bit about that, and I was a little bit like, ‘Wow, now?

    ali wentworth jerry seinfeld comedians in cars getting coffeesumtexanguyali wentworth jerry seinfeld comedians in cars getting coffeeali wentworth jerry seinfeld comedians in cars getting coffeesumtexanguyali wentworth jerry seinfeld comedians in cars getting coffee

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    Larry Thomas, the man who rose to fame as the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld , says he once tried to snag a part of Curb Your Enthusiasm while it was still on the air. This  shouldn’t come as the hugest surprise, seeing as the guy still maintains a website called The Real Soup Nazi to this day.


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    Free from the constraints of network television, Larry David (who turns 68 years old today) took  Curb Your Enthusiasm   to places that Seinfeld   could never go. Inexplicably, it’s been four years since the last episode of Curb, but even if the show is gone for good, it certainly leaves an incredible legacy of comedy, wit, and misanthropy that are on full display with these six classic scenes  from the show, which is available to stream on HBO NOW , should you need/want/deserve a refresher.


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    Maybe you loved the Seinfeld finale, and maybe you didn’t, but if you consider yourself a Seinfeld fan, you most likely ported over to series co-creator Larry David’s next project, Curb Your Enthusiasm   on HBO, and you most likely danced and sang when it was announced that David would get the gang back together for a Seinfeld reunion story arc in season seven  of Curb.


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    When J.B. Smoove’s career-defining character Leon Black was introduced on Curb Your Enthusiasm   (which you can stream now on HBO Now ) at the start of season six in 2007, he immediately endeared himself to fans of the show with his unconventional view of the world. Over the course of the last three seasons, he became a perfect foil for Larry, providing him with bizarre advice on a wide range of subjects.

    Leon Black1happystreetLeon BlackLeon Black ToastLeon Black Topsy TurvyLeon Black RuckusLeon Black Trustlarry leonLeon Black1happystreetLeon BlackLeon Black ToastLeon Black Topsy TurvyLeon Black RuckusLeon Black Trustlarry leon

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    If you or I were asked to place odds on Curb Your Enthusiasm returning, 50-50 would be a decent place to start, if only because everything is 50-50 in a way. It either happens or it doesn’t. The verbal equivalent of a shrug emoji, if you will. HBO President Michael Lombardo chimed in on the matter last week , saying that he ran into Larry David recently, and Larry “pointed to a notebook” that he indicated was the early stages of the next season, but that really doesn’t get us any closer to an answer because, for all we know, the only thing in the notebook is a single phrase like “Tinder mishap.” (“That wasn’t a swipe!


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    On Tuesday, Jeff Garlin attended the Television Critics Association summer press tour, and during one panel discussion, the subject of Curb Your Enthusiasm was brought up. The hit HBO show (which can be streamed on HBO Now ) has not had a new season since 2011, so of course Garlin was asked about the possibility of the sitcom making a comeback.

    Susie Greene1happystreetjeff-garlin-susie-essmanSusie GreeneSusie GreeneSusie Greene Jeff GreeneSusie GreeneSusie GreeneSusie Greene1happystreetjeff-garlin-susie-essmanSusie GreeneSusie GreeneSusie Greene Jeff GreeneSusie GreeneSusie Greene

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    Here’s a hot take: There may not be anything funnier on Earth than animals who sound like humans. The world famous screaming sheep , singing parrots , and annoyed deer ? All captivating and amazing experiences. But  this screaming goat may have just changed the game forever. Not only does it scream  like a maniac  as it runs around its pen, it sounds exactly like a certain maniac named Larry David .

    Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.31.03 PMpeteblackburnScreen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.31.03 PMpeteblackburn

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    In the season two episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm titled “Shaq,” the A-story involved Jeff Green giving Larry floor seats to a Lakers game. Midway through the game, Larry stretched his legs and ended up tripping Shaquille O’Neal, causing Shaq to fall to the ground and badly injure his knee. Afterward, Larry became a pariah on the streets, as nobody in the city could even stand to be near him because  he was the man responsible for possibly jeopardizing the rest of the Lakers’ season.

    curb shaq larry david1happystreetshaqCurb Your Enthusiasm Staples JumboTronShaq KazaamCurb Your Enthusiasm Shaquille O'Nealcurb shaq larry david1happystreetshaqCurb Your Enthusiasm Staples JumboTronShaq KazaamCurb Your Enthusiasm Shaquille O'Neal

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    The last new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm aired on September 11, 2011. That is simply unacceptable. Larry David has remained busy, starring in Broadway musicals , touring Civil War battlefields with his unimpressed daughter , and making balls jokes on J.B. Smoove’s birthday card , but all he’ll say about another season of Curb is that he hasn’t “given up hope.”

    (There’s also that long-rumored movie .)

    Until then, we’ll have to make due with SNL ‘s “Bern Your Enthusiasm,” which was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty great.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 11.02.51 PMjoshuproxxScreen Shot 2016-02-06 at 11.02.51 PMjoshuproxx

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